Curtis is a leading authority on Startups. Experienced and proven in entrepreneurship and sales strategies.


Iwas born and raised from very humble beginnings and taught to understand the concept of money, importance of hard work and the value of relationships. When I was about seven, I would often go with my mother to the market after school to sell smoked fish. I loved being with her; watching the way she went about her routine – distributing her stock to retailers and collecting her money later on. Even though at the time I had no dreams of selling fish, she sparked in me a passion for business.

My parents wanted the best for us and did all they could to provide us with the best education that was available at the time despite it being financially crippling for them. Both my parents worked full-time for over 30 years to provide the family with as much as they could. We never went to bed hungry or lacked anything, but I always yearned for more. I wanted to do the best I could, knowing that one day I was going to be a multi-millionaire.


T oday, I am a ground-footed businessman, a serial entrepreneur, business consultant and investor with interests in a variety of markets that includes agribusiness, hospitality, technology, consulting and FMCG retail which collectively generates more than 10 Million Dollars in annual revenue and employ over 300 people.

In my private life, I have been fortunate to have a very wonderful family; My soulmate, Teddy; a beautiful, well-mannered and industrious woman and we’ve both been blessed with two lovely children; the genius Jasmine and her little troublesome brother, Curtis Jr.

Curtis Akunfu

CEO, GreenHills Limited

Curtis is a leading authority on Startups. Experienced and proven in entrepreneurship and sales strategies.

My hobbies include playing chess and golfing.

Personal Goal:

I aim to actively seek out to connect and create lasting personal relationships with like-minded individuals for mutually beneficial endeavours whiles continuously making conscious efforts to improve and maintain my personal, mental and emotional health in an ever challenging and busy work lifestyle.

Business Goal:

Exploit my potential to achieve the highest attainable level of business excellence, drive growth and attain high financial value by creating and growing a diversified portfolio of high yielding investments whiles continuously learning from failures and successes of myself, from history and from some of the most highly successful entrepreneurs and business people this generation has produced.

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