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Kaiba; derived from Kaizen & Genba, both Japanese management and problem-solving principles developed over seven decades ago and are the two most effective business tools which have today been mastered and applied by some of the world’s largest and highly successful corporations in production and manufacturing like Toyota, Samsung, Amazon, Google, IKEA as so forth.

Kaizen (Sino-Japanese word for “good change”)

Referring to business activities that continuously improve all functions and involve all employees from the CEO down to the lowest level of workers.

Genba (Japanese word for “the actual place”)

Refers to the place or point in business customer value is created therefore focusing on eliminating any or all activities considered to be waste that do not create value for the customer.


Combining the powerful forces of Kaizen & Genba principles, Kaiba is grounded in proven and research-based methodologies and tools created for the Start-up environment formulated by an expert group of Lean, Six Sigma and Agile practitioners lead by Curtis Akunfu with consultation and guidance from leading Lean experts around the world.

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Kaiba is based on three Key Principles

Continues Improvement

Every business operates through a value stream; a system of activities and processes that take place to deliver results to the end customer. The Kaiba Startup Program helps Startups to identify those individual value streams and teach them how to continuously improve or optimize them as a whole.

Elimination of Waste

Waste in business means any activity or process that does not deliver value to the end customer. Be it too much work in process, need for automation, or creating products/services based on assumptions. The Kaiba Startup Program has inbuilt tools and processes to help Startups effectively identify waste and permanently eliminate them.

Value for Customer

Rather than expecting to deliver a perfect product to the customer, The Kaiba Startup Program helps Startups focus on delivering value fast and in increments, so that customer feedback can be included in the Startup’s development. This allows for giving the customer exactly what they want, and ultimately saving time and cost in the overall process.

Starting, Growing & Scaling up your Startup for success has never been easier. There’s the hard way and there’s the Kaiba Way!!!

Why Chose Kaiba

Cut Down Costs

Satisfies Customers needs

Increase Efficiency

What You get

After going through The Kaiba Startup Program you will be equipped with knowledge tools and practical guidance to be able to:

  • Identify viable business opportunities, validate your hypothesis and Build powerful business models using Lean & Value Preposition model canvases
  • Launch your Startup and roll out your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) effectively with very low cost
  • Use Kaizen & Genba Principles to rapidly test your MVP, analyse customer feedback and use data to iterate or persevere your way to your ideal product/service.
  • Master the fundamentals of creating a perfect product-market fit and running a successful business
  • Apply Kaiba principles to continuously improve your business operations
  • Use Value Stream Mapping to eliminate waste, reduce cost and deliver customer value
  • Create a powerful Sales Plan that will guide you and your team to high profitability
  • Determine and attract your ideal customer that will keep coming back for more
  • Scale your business to the next level into larger markets for high profitability
  • Prepare and position your startup strategically for investor relations and access to funding
  • And Many More…………………….

What’s More?

You get FREE Lifetime Support, Mentoring and Guidance from Curtis Akunfu to make sure your Startup succeeds

Ready to Get Started?

No Worries, Action-Based Guarantee

I am so confident that The Kaiba Startup Program is the most effective startup program in Africa to show you EXACTLY how to start, build and scale your business from the ground up, that if you implement EVERYTHING I show you within the first 30 days, and do not get an ounce of value, we will give you a 100% action-based money-back GUARANTEE! – Curtis Akunfu

Lifetime Mentorship & Guidance

The Kaiba Startup Program not only gives you access to Curtis Akunfu, but also his insider network of experts who will guide and teach you about taxes, banking, contracts, sales, systems and more! You'll get all the resources he has in his inner circle to help you succeed

Free Resources

Get FREE access to over 50 guides, workbooks, case studies, useful links, industry updates, worksheets, book recommendations, networking invitations, events information and so much more. Curtis Akunfu holds nothing back and leaves nothing out. We make sure you are up to date with whatever that is going on in the entrepreneurship and startup environment

Anyone Can Do It

ANYONE can become an entrepreneur. You can be of any age, from anywhere, with any level of education. Curtis Akunfu had no secret recipe to success when he started his first business. In fact, he's been told "no" more times than he's been told "yes" - just like you!

What Entrepreneurs Say About The Kaiba Startup Program

Since enrolling in the Kaiba Startup Program, I have added about 100 new customers and seen a $3,500 increase in profits due to Waste Elimination Methods I applied from the program. I plan to expand my business to other cities as well as have plans to add new services. As a business owner, Curtis Akunfu’s Kaiba program has taught me the importance of continuous improvement and value for the customer.

Sarah Koomson

CEO, Safi Beauty & Spa

The Kaiba Startup Program is truly the African aspiring entrepreneur’s secret weapon. I have been able turn a simple idea I had into a strong and profitable business within a few months of joining and taking advantage of the toolkit. Before enrolling I knew nothing about business structuring, sales, banking, contracts and a whole lot; all of which are essential in a startup like mine.

Victor F. Adefolake

CEO, Zenko Electric

My team and I were at first in doubt; after buying a bunch of stuff online that promised one thing and offered the opposite. But there was something different about the Kaiba Program. On the very first meeting with Curtis Akunfu, he took his time to understand our position and worked with us to outline our deficiencies and skilfully optimised our operations for the better.

Michael Karim Buari

Co-founder & CEO, Carson Realty


The Kaiba Program with lifetime access gives you the Tools, Resources & Guidance you need to successfully build your dream business.

Who is Kaiba For?

What You Get From The Kaiba Startup Program


After enrolling in the Kaiba Startup Program, you and your team get privileged access to two 1-hour sessions of interactive live ZOOM video meetings with Curtis Akunfu. One for understanding your current situation and the other to measure results from the guides, resources, and recommended principles given to you.
(Value = Ghs 900.00)


Once successfully enrolled to the Program, you will immediately receive in your email 10 dynamic guides which took us 900 hours to write and contain step by step and practical guides, with topics from business idea conceptualization to growing your startup the Kaiba way to scaling and accessing funding for your startups
(Value = Ghs 2,640.00)


Get FREE access to over 50 resources, powerful tools, workbooks, case studies, useful links, industry updates, worksheets, book recommendations, networking invitations, events information and so much more. Curtis Akunfu holds nothing back and leaves nothing out. We make sure you are up to date with whatever that is going on in the entrepreneurship and startup community.
(Value = Ghs 1,255.00)


The Kaiba Startup Program not only gives you access to Curtis Akunfu but also  his insider network of leading experts who will guide and teach you  about taxes, banking, contracts, sales, systems and more! You’ll get all the resources he has in his inner circle to help you succeed.
(Value = Priceless)


Curtis Akunfu is himself a venture capital investor and is also connected to several venture capital people and networks like Endeavour Ventures, Emerging Markets Private Equity Association (EMPEA), African Venture Capital Association (AVCA) amongst others. With these connections, whenever your startup reaches a funding stage Curtis Akunfu can either step in with funding or introduce you to his connections.
(Value = Priceless)


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