Who is

Curtis Akunfu?

Curtis’ thought leadership has been instrumental in helping guide several African entrepreneurs and young business people on starting, growing and scaling business into highly profitable ventures.

His ‘Eagles Sales Club’ is one of today’s most effective and productive sales professionals network on the continent. Curtis is also the creator of the Kaiba Startup Program.

Engaging, authentic and dynamic, Curtis is passionate about helping startups discover and develop additional recurring revenue models whiles improving existing systems and processes.

Curtis' Work

There are 3 ways I can help you make your start-up or business a stunning success.


I have a brilliant idea and I need help turning it into a profitable business venture.

I already have a start-up and I need help growing and scaling it up to sustainable business.

My business has reached a critical funding stage. I need help accessing funding.

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Curtis is a highly sought after Speaker, Trainer & Teacher On Entrepreneurship and Sales Strategies

What Entrepreneurs Say About Curtis on Demand

“Curtis Akunfu has inspired me to leave my 9 to 5 job I didn't enjoy, which has lead me to start my own full time fashion business. I quit my job a few months ago, with the goal of making my job income doing my own business, but within the first month I've already doubled my income in my old job. Overall Curtis Akunfu helped me grow, and become more organized and disciplined in business.”

Rosemond Adams

Entrepreneur & Motivator

“When Curtis Akunfu invested in our company, he didn’t just provide the funds we so desperately needed. His expertise in business structuring, marketing strategies & corporate finance that came along with the funding has taken us to new heights. In less than 2 years since having him, we have expanded from GHS 50,000 to north of GHS 800,000 in monthly gross revenues.”

Samuel Opoku Agyemang

CEO, Apbis Fruits Limited

“My eyes have been opened to a lot of areas in finance and business that I wasn't aware of before meeting Curtis Akunfu some six years ago. No other person has taught me as much in business, and I'm forever indebted to him. I feel like I’ve known Curtis a lifetime, but the truth is, so do hundreds of other entrepreneurs who take the time to listen to him.”

Isaac Owusu

Entrepreneur & Scientist

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